It's time to bomb Iran . . .

CNN has a running poll of "persuadable" voters which shows up as a sort of red, green and blue ekg on the bottom of the screen--though only, I'm told, for those who are viewing in HD.  It's completely mesmerizing.  So far I've learned:  McCain talking about Iraq is not popular (though mostly that's "persuadable" Democrats dragging down the average).  But McCain bashing Iran is like one of those third world dictators who win with 99.4% of the vote.

Conclusion:  "persuadable" voters are crazy people who don't like the war we have, but want to start another one just in case that one's more fun.

Update:  Now the Dems are dinging him for struggling to pronounce Ahmadinejad.  Actually, I thought it was rather charming, since his facial expression indicated that he found the struggle humorous.  And this is petty.  I'm willing to bet that none of the people panning his pronounciation could, themselves, pronounce it better than he did.