Olympic indifference

Laura McKenna asks:

I'm getting rather steamed up about the complete silence by the perky staff on the Today Show about the fact that China is an authoritarian government that has a spotty record on human rights and lacks free elections and a free press. Instead, we getting dreamy montages of the Chinese culture and loving descriptions of the Bird Nest stadium. All that is fine. But right after they show a reporter wolfing down roasted bugs in the markets of Beijing, they should also mention that China has denied visas to athletes who have dared protest China's position on Darfur.

Who gagged our media? Is NBC so afraid of getting kicked out of China that they happily serve up dishes of cultural puff pieces and can't even mention that China has refused to allow its citizens to protest?

Yes, and it's shameful.  China is proving that American companies will throw freedom of speech out the window if the price is right.