By request: grab bag #2

The Fairness Doctrine

An idea whose time has gone.  There are more than two sides to any issue of interest, and attempting to give them all equal representation would take more energy than the trivial public benefit that might result.  The actual system would, of course, simply involve a bureaucrat deciding what is "fair".  I expect that this would be about as effective as having a bureaucrat determine "what is art".

Anti-"gouging" laws

Another incredibly stupid idea.  Actual gougers get punished by the market, because no one buys their goods, and the neighbors remember.  These laws are more frequently deployed against vendors who are selling goods that have suddenly become scarce, like gasoline generators after a hurricane.  This discourages conservation.  Moreover, the spiking prices generally attract new supply to the area, which is a good thing.   People in a disaster area who can't get their hands on generators are no doubt comforted by the fact that at least they didn't pay too much for the privilege of sitting in the dark without refrigeration.

Your favorite economists, (1) all-time and (2) current (maybe the same).

My favorite historical economists are the standard list.  I am too wise to make "Who do I love more lists" for public consumption, but on a personal basis, am very fond of the Fabulous Mason Boys, Austan Goolsbee, and Bart Wilson of Chapman.