Alea iacta est

So, all the stumping, the endless debates, the pointless primaries, the handshaking and baby kissing and donor stroking have come to this moment.  Barack Obama stands before a crowd of nearly 100,000 and accepts his party's nomination with humility and pride.  And you know what?  I'm moved.  I have a low opinion of politicians, and I do not expect Obama to change the world.  But he's nonetheless inspiring.  The least of it is that America has nominated a black man--the son of immigrants--to be the likely next president of the United States.  Even forgetting that, Obama makes you want to believe in him.  That's why the conservatives hate him really hate him--the way that many liberals still say the name "Reagan" the way my grandmother said "Satan".  Obama will not change the world.  But he makes his ideas appealing by sheer force of personality.