White men can't dance

So speaking of guilty pleasures, one of mine is "So You Think You Can Dance", the dance version of American Idol.  I don't watch any of the other reality shows, the ones that bloggers proudly lay claim to, like Project Runway or Top Chef.  No, I just like watching people dance, mostly because I don't Think I Can.

What's struck me about this season is that with eight contestants left, three out of the four men were black.  For the last three seasons, the show has tended to be very, very white by the time it gets down to brass tacks.  This may be because the black dancers are very disproportionately hip-hop dancers, and don't have the technical skills of other contestants.  Or it may be racism.  Or it may just have been a fluke.  But it's interesting to see this turn around, at least temporarily.