Goolsbee and Kemp are now onto taxes. Just on debating points, my old professor is wiping the floor with the good Secretary.

In part, this is because he has the better side of the argument--Jack Kemp is trying to defend moderately hard-core supply side arguments that don't really add up. And Goolsbee justly points out that under the current system, Warren Buffet's secretary has a higher average tax rate than he does.

I'm not actually on board with Austan's main project, which is to get the government spending more money. But neither am I on board with the Republican tactic of making stuff up in order to win the argument. The problem is, the only good way to win the argument is to talk about the economic effects, not of lower tax rates, but of lower spending. And no one wants to be the guy telling the voters he's gonna take away all their government goodies.