No, really, tehre's no justification for descreating commyunion wafers

A number of people in my comments are claiming that PZ Myers is perfectly justified because some nuthatches sent him death threats. Other commenters are questioning whether he really got as many death threats as he claimed.

Last item first: jesus, who cares? One death threat is one death threat too many.

First last: So the argument is that it's okay, when someone does something awful, to find someone else who agrees with him about something and urinate on their shoes at a fundraiser?

Desecrating a communion wafer because Bill Donohue is an officious jerk is like paining swastikas on the tombstones of a Jewish cemetery because Abe Foxman said something that pissed you off. Your action will, to be sure, upset the jerk public figure. It will also outrage millions of his co-religionists who have done nothing to you. That no one has been physically hurt by your actions is the defense of a toddler.