I love jargon.  Technical talk.  Extended abstruse conversations.

Okay, all that's normal for an economics blogger.  The thing is, I love them even when I have no idea what they are about.  I have sat riveted while two physics geeks wrote excitedly on napkins, exclaiming "Well then it's obvious that . . . " when all that was really obvious to me was that I shouldn't have bugged out of Physics 101.  There is something about the arcana of other people's knowledge domains that sends a shiver up my spine--the implication, perhaps, that there are still mysteries in the world which one might actually follow to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.  Paging Ms. Christie . . .

All of which is to say, I loved this post.  I have no idea what any of it means.  But I sense, as through a glass darkly, that it is hilarious.  And that sense, even without the meaning, is deeply satisfying.

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