I've been memed

Radley Balko asks what five songs in my iTunes are my guiltiest pleasures.  I take this to mean things I actually listen to--for some reason, I have Maroon 5 and a Tears for Fears album, but I'm not sure I've ever listened to them.

So here goes, try to not to shudder:

* Will Ye Go, Lassie by the Irish Tenors.  I can't explain why I am so fond of what serious celtic musicians universally agree is the worst possible version of one of celtic music's worst songs.  But my heart still goes pitter-pat for tenors soaring into the chorus.

* Closing Time  I could defend this by saying I use it to shoo people out at parties.  But this would be a lie. I just kinda like it.

* Mambo #5 by Lou Bega.  Oh, stop snickering.  It's cute.

*  Satellite, by Dave Matthews.  So many dreamy hours staring up at the stars from a decrepit front porch . . . how could I repudiate it?

*  The Wall.  This is the album that made me feel like I was <i>really</i> deep when I was a freshman in high school.  Now it makes me feel like a freshman in high school.  And sometimes, you just want to reclaim those days.

I tag Daniel Drezner, Tyler Cowen, and Freddie.