Do not go gentle into that Dark Knight

Tom Lee asks the important questions about the new Batman movie (warning:  spoilers!)

Why are we going to Hong Kong? Why are we giving all the "terrible binary choice" schemes to the Joker instead of the duality- and choice-obsessed Two-Face? Why are we suddenly inserting hamfisted topical controversies into our final act, and then using it as an excuse to pollute our climactic action scene with unimpressive and confusing CGI? Why is the culmination of the Joker's devotion to chaos a bunch of people on a barge putting their votes in a hat? Remember when people were running screaming from poison blimps as Jack Nicholson's admittedly-ludicrous Joker gleefully presided over the deadly parade festivities? Wasn't that much, much better?

Also, why is the mayor wearing so much eye makeup?