Detroit woos gay drivers

While coming back from a completely fruitless trip to the grocery store (Why do you hate vegans, Giant? WHY?) I was listening to NPR cover a new publicity stunt by Detroit: the big three are hosting a speed-dating contest for gay consumers, during which they will presumably also be barraged with information about the awesomeness of American automobiles.

To me this is actually more interesting from a marketing perspective than a social one. Gays are a very small, if affluent, demographic--something less than 3% of the population, AFAIK. They are also disproportionately concentrated in urban areas with relatively low car usage. Nonetheless, Detroit is spending time and money trying to up its share of the gay car-buying market by some infinitessimal amount.

This tells you just how competitive American markets are these days. Marketing is a cutthroat business, one in which, increasingly, no demographic is too small to avoid the blitz.

Except, apparently, DC vegans, for whom it is too much trouble to stock soy milk, seitan, and a little extra-firm tofu.