To gun or not to gun

So if Heller, as libertarians devoutly hope, legalizes gun ownership in DC, the question immediately arises for those of us who live here: buy one, or not? On the one hand, they are expensive, and shooting ranges far away. On the other hand, I live alone in an apartment that is something less than amply fortified. On the third hand, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't handle a gun when I'm sleepy.

However, I probably will anyway, just because I can.

Update Pre-emptive request to trolls: please try to make your jokes slightly funnier than a plainly stated hope that I shoot myself, either accidentally or on purpose. That wasn't even very funny in fifth grade. It's time to stretch yourselves! There are much funnier things than that to be said about my possible death or disfigurement, and I believe that you can find them if you'll just try. In exchange, I promise that I will post photographs of any handgun accidents I happen to survive.