Mr. Warhol, I'm ready for my close-up

Chalk up another success for Chris Anderson's The Long Tail. Any doubts I might have had about this theory (not that I would ever dare doubt Chris Anderson!) were utterly dispelled when I realized that the internet is the reason I have, for the first time in my life, access to pants made for tall women. There aren't enough of us almost anywhere to support stocking a Banana Republic or a J. Crew with long pants, but on the internet, We Are Legion. The internet is the Freak Liberation Front.

The latest piece of long-tailed brilliance is from the Tribeca Film Institute: a website called re:frame. The idea is to provide an aggregation place for independent and alternative filmmakers, making distribution of their stuff (one light-heartedly hopes) somewhat commercially viable. As a minor film buff with a penchant for falling hopelessly in love with things that are a mite hard to get, this is lovely, lovely news.