More thoughts on childcare

A reader (gender unknown) says something I've heard a lot of guys say: that I have the good fortune to have a career where I can work from home.

Well, sure. As long as there are no children in it.

Having small children and writing is no more compatible than having small children and being a lawyer. For the first five years, childcare is constant. I might be able to freelance an article here and there provided my husband cared for the children while I wrote. But when a child is in the house, and you are responsible for it, you don't do a damn thing that requires more concentration than running a load of laundry. I always laugh at the men I know who entertain fantasies that their wives will bring in the major salary while they stay home with the kids and write. If you are of this class, take a daytime babysitting job for a day and bring some work along with you. Report back on how far you got. My bet is that you didn't even get a paragraph finished.

The SAHMs in my comments thread seem to think that I am under the delusion that their jobs are easy. Far from it. It is precisely because your job is so hard that I think you will have to pay a fortune to get someone else to do it with even half your dedication.