More summer games

A lunchtime conversation has generated interest in discovering the winners in the following categories:

1) Worst well-regarded film

2) Most overhyped film (note that this is slightly different from above; the first measures the absolute badness level, while the second measures the delta between reputation and actual quality)

3) Worst film to win a best picture Oscar

4) Most disappointing film (ie should have been good but wasn't--Godfather III, Phantom Menace, the latest Indiana Jones atrocity)

5) Worst movie, full stop. (Must have been a major motion picture release--no direct-to-video, or film festival torture tactics, please)

6) Worst movie with good direction (ie terrible script, awful acting, producer interference, etc)

7) Biggest unknown treasure

Currently I have only a nominee for the last category: The Americanization of Emily, written by Paddy Chayefsky and starring James Garner and Julie Andrews.

Bonus discussion: is it time to declare a moratorium on DVD buying pending switchover to Blu-Ray, as one friend has already done, and if so, should it apply to things like 1930's films or grainy made-in-Italy postwar black and white flicks?