Markets in everything:

Surely we’ve all faced this scenario when making plans for our future and the safety of our loved ones: What if we are summoned to heaven by God while our loved ones are left behind to face the armies of the Antichrist as they spread out across the earth? Now, registered Republicans are fairly safe in this scenario, because they’ll either be raptured or else they’ll earn a good living as KBR contractors providing supplies to the Antichrist’s armies. But for the rest of us, this is a real fear that we face.

Fortunately, some good Christians have the perfect solution: A website that will let you store information to be emailed to your loved ones in the event of the rapture. The website will only send the information to your loved ones if the site proprietors fail to log in for 6 days. You can use your data storage on their site to store all sorts of information that might save their souls, including entreaties to accept Jesus.

Needless to say, as an agnotheist, I am not expecting to be swept up in the Rapture. But it really is a tribute to the triumph of the market that people work through these problems in advance and find innovative ways to solve them.

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