Speaking of music, I have a conundrum. My living room is an odd shape, forcing me to put the television in the corner, slightly across the kitchen. I'd like to put in a receiver and a decent pair of speakers, but I can't figure out where the hell to put them. So I'm throwing it open to y'all: what sort of sound system could I put in here that would provide sound from my television, etc.?


I'm not desperate for surround sound; I just want a fairly high quality player to hook up my DVD, Tivo, etc. to. Also, there's not really anywhere to hide wires, and it's a rental, so I'm not replastering. I can't figure out how to do anything without pushing the speakers too far into the kitchen door. The single speaker systems need to bounce off flat walls, which I don't have, and won't work with the glass in the bay window anyway. Can my audiophile readers apply their collective intelligence to this vexing problem?

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