The War on Terror is not a tyranny pact!

[Conor Friedersdorf]

This excerpt needs no introduction, for it is terrifying no matter the context:

During arguments last year, government lawyers said the courts should give great deference to the president when the nation is at war.

"What you assert is the power of the military to seize a person in the United States, including an American citizen, on suspicion of being an enemy combatant?" Judge William B. Traxler asked.

"Yes, your honor," Justice Department lawyer Gregory Garre replied.

And get this:

The court seemed torn.

One judge questioned why there was such anxiety over the policy. After all, there have been no mass roundups of citizens and no indications the White House is coming for innocent Americans next.

Ah, so once there are mass roundups of innocent American citizens who are held as enemy combatants, then we can get anxious.

(H/T Tom)