The next phone

It's looking more and more like Apple is going to announce a 3G iPhone at its Worldwide Developer's Conference on June 9th, with units probably shipping in July. That will probably be the point at which I buy one, since my current contract expires in August, and I really need a phone that does double duty as a PDA. Given that the Atlantic is a mac shop, the iPhone is the obvious choice.

Also, to be perfectly honest, it's pretty.

But at first, the "3G" looks like it won't be anything to write home about. AT&T's EDGE network is already inferior to Verizon's EVDO, and it's pretty much got its hands full handling the data requirements of the previous versions of the iPhone. Those of us committing to one of the new models will be taking quite a leap of faith on AT&T's rollout.

Meanwhile, Sprint bleeds customers and revenue. Verizon has the better netwrok; AT&T has the iPhone. Sprint has . . . Nextel, which hasn't caught on outside industries like construction, and is further threatened by broadcast technologies like Twitter. America may end up with a wireless duopoly unless something changes, fast.