The Tinfoil Hat Brigade

A number of people have suggested that I should post some of my more . . . interesting emails and comments. You ask, I provide.

This week's tinfoil hat award in the category of email goes to emailer Tish:

Obviously, you think appearances are everything. Gawd, you're ugly! And soooooooo masculine! Are you a dyke? I'm not sure how you're going to fix that.

Too bad you think Obama is too skinny and too effete. You drink lattes? Do you do yoga, too?

You're just SO special!

This would probably have more punch if I weren't already used to being called "sir" at least a couple of times a month.

And in the comment category, this treasure from commenter "You're not even unintentionally funny" (that does seem a cruel thing for a mother to say to her newborn child):

You're a lanky imbecile. Shut up.

It just gets more fun all the time, doesn't it?

Apparently, this commenter felt that the gravity of the post--on Cindy McCain's recipegate--required the deployment of the big guns: my height and weight. My secret shame stands exposed.

I'll try to do a more thorough job of finding the crazies next week.