Saving Paul Krugman from himself

Okay, I've had my share of issues with Paul Krugman, and I'm a big fan of Suzanne Vega. (Well . . . her first two albums, anyway). But this is just. not. right.

Oh my God. How could I have missed the fact that Suzanne Vega is blogging for the Times?

In my next life I want to be a songwriter — precisely because I can’t imagine how it’s done. I’d give up the whole first page of my Google Scholar listing to have written “The Queen and the Soldier.”

Paul Krugman is a much, much better economist than Suzanne Vega is a musician. The Queen and the Soldier, which I have listened to just about one squillion times, is not as good as strategic trade theory. And I take nothing away from Suzanne Vega when I say that.