Recipeblogging: Potato leek soup

I took my first try at Potato Leek Soup without chicken broth last night. It tastes weirdly chickeny, even though I am very sure there are no animal products in it.

At any rate, it is delicious. I got the recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. In exchange for telling all my readers to go out and buy it, even if they are not vegetarians, because the recipes are unbelievably simple and delicious, I hope he will permit me to reproduce it.

Olive oil
3 leeks
3 medium potatoes
Vegetable stock (I used a combination of Giant's house organic brand, and Swanson's)
Salt and pepper

Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. Wash the leeks very well (be sure to check inside the outer layers for the sand that you will inevitably find there) and slice the whites and the light green parts into thin slices. Saute the leeks and potatoes in olive oil for five minutes, then cover with vegetable broth and cook until potatoes are very tender, about five minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.

You can puree it, and if you like, toss in some cream to make vichyssoises. But I've been eating it chunky, and it's really delicious that way--there's something about potatoes in broth with the little slices of leek that feels very spring. The only problem is I used too much olive oil, so go with a light hand there unless you prefer your soup fatty--2 teaspoons to a tablespoon should be enough.