Turkey trot?

Cactus at Angry Bear says All Three Remaining Presidential Candidates are Turkeys:

Someone's got to say it, and nobody is, so I will: all three remaining presidential candidates are jokes. Bad jokes. That isn't to say there were good candidates in the race earlier on - perhaps these three really are the best of a bad lot - but let's call it like it is and note that these are three turkeys. They may be good campaigners, but they don't seem to be "do-ers" when they get what they've been campaigning for.

I'm actually pretty excited for an Obama-McCain matchup. Not, mind you, because I think that either of them will usher in a magical new era of prosperity and freedom--or even do much of anything that I approve of. But after The Clinton Wars, the increasingly bitter elect-a-fool contests in the last two presidential elections, and the current froth of steaming hatred directed at Hillary Clinton for the crime of lacking personal charm . . well, you know, it's kind of nice to think about seeing a contest between two people that almost no one actually hates. I'm not saying everyone wants them both to be president, but neither attracts the kind of visceral nastiness that has dogged recent campaigns. Moreover, they're both clean campaigners . . . could it really be that we can go an entire three months without sly race-baiting, or venomous ads claiming that McCain invented scurvy? Then there's the hope that both of them inspire in large swathes of the population. To be sure, this faith in politicians seems utterly misguided, but at this point I will take a little sunshine wherever I can get it.