Speech! Speech!

I should say, now that I've cooled off a little, that Obama's speech was brilliant. This was the speech we've been waiting for him to give: a thoughtful, brutally honest, and deeply respectful treatment of a major issue. This was the best political speech I've ever heard a politician deliver--admittedly a low bar. I would be happy to have that in the White House.

But because I am greedy, I want Obama to give us even more. I want him not to demagogue foreigners as the source of our national problems. I want him to recognize what a great contribution immigration continues to make to our society, including Barack Obama himself. I want him to say that our problems are of our own making, and that the solutions are within us.

His speech today was brilliant precisely because it didn't play to either side's desire for an easy scapegoat. But I don't want him to unify us against foreigners; I want him to unify us for some better purpose than keeping the world out. And it makes me mad that he doesn't, because I feel like if anyone could, it would be him.