Right of way

A reader sends this on vaccination:

I asked at my day care today if any children were un-immunized and the lady told me that all the current infants (18weeks-18 months) had had their shots. 

However, living in a hippie college town, they had previously taken unvaccinated kids in their care. When I remarked that it was pretty dangerous, she said that it was the law - they weren't allowed to discriminate against non-vaccinated kids. Does this sound right to you? As a private enterprise, I figured that they would be able to make their own rules of this sort, and what about my right not to have my kid around unvaccinated children? 

In any case, this seems like a real issue to me and I was wondering if you or your readers knew anything about it. 

A quick Google search shows that Minnesota allows day care centers to refuse admittance to unvaccinated kids, but it seems like this is not the case for public schools. The parents can simply sign a Personal Exemption. 

P.S. A horrible story this lady told me. There was a 5 year old kid starting at the public kindergarten here who still was not potty-trained. They were not legally allowed to remove him from the public school because of this, so instead they had to send him home every day when he first soiled himself, until the parents got sick of picking him up. Welcome to Boulder - nestled between the mountains and reality!

Whatever you think of vaccination, legally requiring people to expose their children to unvaccinated playmates in order to receive day care seems nuts.