Please allow me to introduce myself....

[posted by Dan Drezner]

Hello, my name is... well, it's in bold above this line, so you can figure it out. I normally blog at the wittily-named Daniel Drezner.

I'm honored to be one of Megan's guest-bloggers during her retreat from the internets. I'll try to fill her shoes as best as possible -- a daunting task, given that Megan's a foot taller than me and I'm at least fifty pounds heavier than her.

Real posting will commence tomorrow, as I'm still decompressing from attending the International Studies Association annual meeting. For me, the highlight of the meeting came in a cab. After the cab driver found out my lunch companion and I were international relations professors, he strongly encouraged us to fight government censorship and "lead the revolution." At this point I turned to my colleague and said,"could you imagine a country governed by the International Studies Association?" We laughed for the rest of the car ride.

Maybe you had to be there.