Hidden agenda: hidden no more

Matt Zeitlin:

According to Melissa Farley and Victor Malarek, because I support legalized prostitution, I must be a john, because only they could ever be so blind to the coercion and exploitation present in sex work. Their NY Times op-ed, The Myth of the Victimless Crime, is one of the most tendentious and uncharitable contributions to the prostitution legalization discussion that I’ve ever seen. This, my friends, is a direct quote:

Whose theory is it that prostitution is victimless? It’s the men who buy prostitutes who spew the myths that women choose prostitution, that they get rich, that it’s glamorous and that it turns women on.

So I guess Matt Yglesias, Brad Plumer, Megan McArdle, Kerry Howley, Julian Sanchez and the legislators of the Netherlands and Nevada spend most of their time with hookers.

I wouldn't say most of my time. I do have to earn money, you know. And there's my needlepoint. When you're this close to finishing that life-sized Elvis tapestry, it's hard to turn your attention to other things.