Gunning for Goolsbee

I think "throwing Goolsbee under the bus" is a mite strong, but the Chicago Tribune makes it clear that the Obama campaign is distancing itself from Goolsbee:

"I think Austan innocently went over there, half as a professor, half as a campaign adviser," said Obama campaign manager David Axelrod. "He's basically a volunteer. He's one of the economists Barack talks to. He's not in close and constant contact with the candidate."

I don't blame them for doing this--the politics were bad--but nonetheless, this makes me less likely to vote for Obama come fall. Not necessarily because they're tossing one of my favorite professors, and a hell of an economist, to the wolves, though I admit that stings. But if Obama's committed to running against free trade, even if he supports it in his heart of hearts, then there's a good chance he's going to have to act on his promises once he gets into office.