Could it really be true?

I just received an one of the oddest emails I have ever enjoyed. The author asked me if I made up the incident about the kindergarteners and the spaghetti, and said he (she?) thought that someone on another website had "proved" I had. I am flattered to be credited with such an extravagant imagination. Sadly, my lies are all of the dull, workaday sort: "I had no idea I was going so fast." "I have to wash my hair." If I were going to make up stirring anecdotes about failure, they would involve plucky cocker spaniels crossing America in search of their family, not small children and pasta.

The speech was given at last year's US Gel conference, by a fellow from Palm whose name now escapes me. I suppose he might have been making it up, but one expects that the head of their UI operation has better ways to spend his day than making up weird stories to tell at small conferences. Also, he had pictures.