Your Vegan news for the day

A friend emails to say that he was watching the Roger Clemens testimony while working today, and one of our beloved legislators asked Mr Clemens (for what reason I cannot imagine) if he was a vegan. Confused, Roger Clemens replied that no, he wasn't, and what's more, he had no idea what a vegan was.

Update: My friend informs me that there was a reason behind the question:

FYI, The reason Clemens was asked if he was a vegan was because Clemens had claimed that he had received/given himself injections of vitamin B-12 rather than steroids or HGH, and a skeptical Congressman was trying to establish why Clemens would have needed to receive B-12; that question was one of a series of questions in which the Congressman asked Clemens if he had been diagnosed with anemia, Alzheimer's (really - though given his testimony today, that might be plausible), was a vegetarian, etc. Clemens' answer was that his elderly mother had recommended that he take B-12.

There is much more about the relationship between B-12 and steroids, but that was why the question was asked.