The search for America's most confused voters

Noah Millman offers an anecdote:

So my liberal Democrat mother-in-law gets to the polling place planning to vote for Hillary Clinton, and discovers that, unbeknownst to her, she has been a registered Republican for the last 40 years. New York being a closed primary state, she dutifully goes into a Republican booth. All she knows is that she can’t stand John McCain. So she votes for . . . Mike Huckabee, with whom she disagrees about pretty much absolutely everything.

Puts those mysterious Florida Buchanan voters from 2000 into perspective.

To which a commenter replies:

Sorry, Florida voters are still the dumbest in the United States. Our local Supervisor of Elections received a flood of calls yesterday from people wondering where to vote. The Supervisor of Elections had to inform each caller that our primary was back in January, and that it was a good thing they didn’t get a chance to vote.