The National Interest

The National Interest asked me to respond to David Frum's Foggy Bloggom essay; Daniel Drezner also contributed. It's a short piece, of which I offer a sample:

With the power of the presidency still firmly in Republican hands, the left-wing “netroots” is in ascendance. Conservative bloggers, and their readership, are demoralized. Meanwhile, the Intrade betting markets are predicting an Obama win, and the progressives are happily planning what they will do with control of Congress and the presidency. But this may be their happiest hour. Once Obama (or Clinton) has office, talk will turn from policy to politics: the dirty business of assembling enough votes to write your ideas into law. And the netroots, whose greatest asset is their fiery conviction that they are the voice of righteousness, will be faced with an unpleasant conundrum: power or principle?