Obama killed in Virginia, carrying an overwhelming majority of the black vote, but also splitting the white vote right down the middle. I'm watching his speech now, and it's inspiring. But it's also saddening, because deep down, I don't believe that Obama is going to change Washington, eliminate lobbying, etc. I wish he wouldn't tell me things that I can't possibly believe--and moreover that I can't really understand anyone believing. He might be the best president; he might even make Washington work a little better, though I kind of doubt it. But he isn't going to transform American politics in the utopian way his speech implies. No one who has dried out behind the ears could reasonably believe that he has this power. So why is he saying he does?

Hillary, meanwhile, looks kind of sad and tired. A few weeks ago, I remember commenters remarking upon how fresh and vigorous Clinton looked, while Obama seemed to be wilting; now those roles are definitely reversed. Apparently, being the front-runner agrees with one.