Credit where credit is due

I've blogged before about the ads for, the newest of which is less creepy but even stupider. The primary problem with all these ads is that knowing your credit score doesn't really do you much good unless there's an error--and most people's credit problems stem, not from errors, but from the fact that they have borrowed too much money, or don't pay their bills on time. The first commercial actually offered a situation where you could do something: prevent a hacker from stealing your identity. The second painted a situation where you might arguably do something--ditch your fiancee because she has bad credit--but only if you were a complete creep. The third one doesn't even offer that consolation:

If he'd known his credit was bad he could have . . . thought harder about the color choices on the crap car he can afford. He wouldn't have actually been able to buy a more expensive car. So what's the point of using their service, again?