I had a friend whose father was the head of a research center run by the state of New York. His father's secretary was crazy; she was also civil service, and hence practically unfireable. After the secretary started throwing away any invitations he received in the mail, her mother actually had to step in and take over the job. I never understood what motivated that secretary, but I suddenly find myself plagued by the same problem: Evites sent to my gmail account are killed.

I don't mean they're marked as spam; I mean I never get them. They don't show up in my spam box, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to add "evite.com" to my list of allowed senders. Since the emails never show up in the spam box, I also cannot ceremoniously move the email into my inbox and tell Google to route further such straight to me.

Aside from a personal plea to my friends not to send me more evites to my gmail or janegalt.net addresses, I am throwing the technical issue out to my readers. Has anyone heard of this? And if so, how do I fix it?

Update Yes, yes, I considered the possibility that I was not actually being invited to these parties. When I log into Evite, the invitations are there. I have actually sat with a friend, watching them type my email address into the list and hit "Send". No Evite.

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