Keep the dream alive

Yes, I was the deluded moron twittering "Don't give up hope". A friend and I sat on the couch and played online poker while we watched the final returns; drawing to an inside straight while all-in was considerably less nerve-wracking. I was briefly cheered by Democracy in America's snarky liveblogging. But a more lasting boost comes from Ryan Avent:

In listening to the coverage of the New Hampshire primary, it strikes me as odd that no one is mentioning how the tight Obama-Clinton race is among non-Edwards voters. If we suspect that Edwards voters would tend to favor Obama, then one has to wonder how long he’s willing to stay in the race without winning any primaries. You have to feel like Obama would have run away with this had Edwards dropped out after Iowa.

I was surprised at how hard I was rooting for Obama, given that this election feels a lot like being asked "So, which of the plagues of Egypt would you like to be consumed by?" Watching the primary returns surrounded by a vast horde of Obama supporters may have something to do with it, but by the end of the night, I was the most agitated one.