Google reader: sharing means caring

Google Reader now lets you flag things to "share". That means that anyone who's part of your Google Talk network can see the items you've shared, and you can see yours.


1) Social networking software is rapidly approaching the point where we really don't have to go out. So why am I sitting in a coffee shop with five bloggers?

2) Google's engineering approach--continuous incremental improvement--really is a powerful model for innovation. If I weren't such a fierce advocate of passive investment, I would consider buying a share. Hell, I may consider buying one for the sheer pleasure of owning a single share of stock valued at $600.

3) I predict that this will be used heavily for about a week by everyone I know, and within two weeks will have fallen back to about the same frequency that people post notes on Facebook. Which is to say, almost never.

4) This is a very good way to find out which of my friends are heavy users of Google reader.