Apparently, the California Nurse's Association is preparing to run an ad in papers on Monday arguing that with average health care, Cheney would be dead:

Washington, DC –Print ads demanding health care reform will blanket Iowa newspapers on Monday Dec. 11. The California Nurses Association (CNA) / National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) are running the ads as part of a national campaign pushing for guaranteed health care coverage for all Americans through a Medicare-based system.

The ad uses recent headlines about Vice-President Dick Cheney’s heart procedure to point out the difference between the government-funded health care that the nation’s leading politicians enjoy and the precarious health care situation in which most Americans find themselves.

A news article about Cheney’s recent treatment for heartbeat irregularities provides the context with the headline: “If he were anyone else, he’d probably be dead by now.” The text highlights that factors such as the patient’s history and prognosis would likely lead to a denial of private insurance claims for most Americans, assuming that they had coverage in the first place.

Is this supposed to sell their plan to progressives?

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