Suddenly Susan

A friend and I were just talking about Susan Faludi's dreadful sounding book, The Terror Dream, in which she apparently argues that 9/11 was an excuse to push women back into the kitchen. The New York Times book review is savage, making it sound as if Faludi has taken one tiny core kernel of truth--that 9/11 caused women's issues to recede into the background, along with every other issue that didn't involve religious fanatics who wanted to blow up Americans--and enlarged it 80 or 90 times until the whole thing is a vast right-wing conspiracy to do women wrong. I am working on my own book proposal, Ring of Fire, in which I explore the myriad ways in which the 9/11 backlash prevented my landlord from repairing my malfunctioning stove burner.

This brought us to Susan Faludi's home page. Apparently the best pull quote she could come up with is one from a Newsday reviewer, which celebrates Ms. Faludi's allegedly elegant prose by attempting to pen one of the worst sentences in the history of the english language:

“Journalism is her splendid trade. Susan Faludi listens like a tuning fork, and picks up unseen vibrations. There’s not a subject that she touches on that she doesn’t illuminate in prose as graceful as a gazelle.”