Navel gazing

Ogged says:

Best blog posts ever seems like a strange enterprise. I note, in passing, that male political bloggers seem to favor political and didactic posts (and not, say, any of dooce's extraordinary letters to her daughter) but more to the point, many of the "best" blog posts are written as moments in a conversation, and any standard of best that excludes, for example, those posts that Yglesias seems to write at least once a week that neatly crystallize or demolish an argument that's making it's way through the discourse, or ignores the power of repetition and mockery of something like Atrios's "very serious people," seems like a wrong and distorting standard to apply. So take this opportunity not to nominate your own favorites, but to say horrible things about these bloggers, who are oppressing us all.

I'm actually more interested in what people would select for their own best blog posts. Who do they think they are, at their best? So tempted, in fact, that I'm like, this close to tagging five bloggers . . . except that I'm afraid they wouldn't do it, and then I'd be like that kid who nobody comes to his birthday party. So if you're a blogger, and you think I might have tagged you, you should do this to prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about what my own favorite five posts were. Daniel Drezner's nomination from his own list might get the nod . . . or perhaps this one . . . or this.

Surely I must have said something serious, once. Pour encourager les autres, I shall try to get to this later in the week. Reader nominations encouraged.