You oughta be in pictures

Dave has also posted a picture, stolen from the awesome Matt Ficke, from whom I stole one of the shots I posted, and who I hope will forgive me now that I've told everyone how awesome he is. Dave says:

The consensus is that I “looked creepy.” I will agree.

This is not strictly true. The consensus is that he looked like the cult leader preparing to lead us all into the woods to wait for the apocalypse--probably while marrying all the women. Matt, obviously, would play the forbidding enforcer. And Ezra, of course, is the idealistic young kid who is sucked into the blogger army by an urge for adventure and better health care policy, only to become disillusioned, giving us a thrilling plot as he fights to escape.

I'm not sure what role I'd be cast in, except that I'm fairly certain I'd die horribly in the second reel.