Roy Edroso's commenters are accusing me of blocking the link to my piece on the morality of health care transfers. I'm not even sure that's actually possible, but assuming it is, I'm not doing it. Nor would I, since it seems cowardly, wrong, and also a complete waste of time, given that anyone who wants to read the thing can find it on my front page.

What's happening is that the permissions on my individual archive pages are rather tight. This was not done by me, but by my host, who says it is necessary to prevent comment spam. As a result, frequently when you try to click on a link to one of my posts, you get a message that says "Verboten!" I get it all the time, regardless of where I come from, or what the content is . . . my mac and cheese recipe is every bit as top secret as my opinions on intergenerational transfers.

This shouldn't be a problem here, and if you want to follow a link to the old site, and you get the verboten message, all you need to do is hit refresh. That always takes me to the page I was looking for.

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