I fear you may have misunderstood me

One of my commenters demands:

Lets say Rudy did just make a bad choice, no ulterior motives. Isn't that bad enough? Don't we want a president that makes good choices when he has to make a decision on these types of things?

Who were the other guys that recommended to him that they put the command center away from the big terrorist target? Wouldn't they make a better president.

I am not defending Rudy, the presidential candidate. Almost no one who has lived in New York wants Rudy anywhere near the nuclear football, nor would we like to see his strongly authoritarian instincts (however much they arguably may have done for New York's policing) unleashed on the federal justice system. Rudy is craaaaaaaaazy, albeit not in a way that made him a particularly bad mayor. And the decision to locate the command center where he did was stupid. I'm just not sure it was as stupid as it now seems, and I am skeptical of the claim that he put it there to keep as a love nest. Rudy was perfectly capable of getting crazy, stupid ideas, and then forcing them on everyone else, when there was absolutely no sex involved.