I just deleted a bunch of comments. On each, I left a note explaining why it was deleted.

I've tried to edit with a light hand; we'll see how that goes, and if it's insufficient, I'll get more aggressive. My object is to make this a relatively pleasant place to be. If you take a thread off topic, and it's funny, and people are enjoying it, I'll let it go; if you take a thread off topic, and we have to have seventy comments debating whether or not I should be stricken with a chronic disease in punishment for my health care apostasy, I'll shut that down pretty fast.

By the way, to everyone who thinks I need a little dose of chronic disease . . . well, thanks, I have several, notably chronic asthma and an autoimmune condition. I, like most other asthmatics, have come close to dying from my condition, so you don't need to waste any energy wishing that I could "learn what it's like". I was uninsured for two years with both conditions, and if anything, my opinions about health care were stronger than they are now. My opinions may be wrong, but they are not due to my ignorance of the "real world". So please, no more lectures on how I'd feel if I'd "been there" from people who do not appear to have been "there", or indeed anywhere in its close neighbourhood.

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