Books for a Sun-Addled Mind

Popular novels don their summer gear.

drawings of book covers
Oliver Munday / The Atlantic

Summer is a season for vacations, relaxation, and restoration. As such, it can prove an ideal time to return to the classic texts we all know and love (and with some well-earned, unencumbered attention to boot). Close and serious reading can happen anywhere: no matter if you’re splayed on a towel atop a sandy swath, or lounging on a back porch with a boozy spritz by your side. While the body enjoys the day’s languor, the mind must not burn out. But be careful: Too much time spent reading in the sun, and the words may start morphing before your eyes.

Notes on a sandal
Interpreter of Calories
A portrait of the artist as a sun tan
Great next vacations
The brothers carry hot dogs
The sand castle
The prime of this green floaty
Fear of bloating in las vegas
A suitable buoy