Warren Unna

  • All the Tea in India

  • Pakistan: Friend of Our Enemies

    A newspaperman who has had wide experience both at home and abroad. WARREN UNNA is Asian correspondent for Ihe Washington POST. His annual visits to the continent of Asia and his intimate knowledge of Pakistani affairs have prompted him to describe the dilemma in which the United States now finds itself in giving military aid to a country which is flirting with our enemy Red China.

  • Holifield of California

    WARREN UNNA has recently traveled for more than a year on a grant from the Institute of Current World Affairs, studying neutralism in countries that are not allied with either the Soviet Union or the West. Previously, Mr. Unna had for three years covered the Atomic Energy Commission for the Washington POSTand during that period had come to know Chet Holifield, the vigorous and popular congressman from California.

  • Dissension in the Aec

    The Atomic Energy Commission is one of the most highly charged units now operating in the Capital. It is so today under the chairmanship of Admiral Lewis Strauss just as it was under the chairmanship of David E. Lilienthal when Strauss himself was often a dissenting voice. The Commission spends $2 billion annually, and its decisions may well be a matter of life and death. Under the circumstances, we need the combined wisdom, even including the disagreement, of the five Commissioners, not decisions enforced by the Chairman. WARREN UNNAof the Washington Post has been covering the AEC for the past three years.