W. Douglas Burden

  • A Kind of Demon

    A naturalist and a writer who was for many years a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History, W. DOUGLAS BURDEN now divides his time between Vermont, Canada, and Washington, D. C. He is one of the founders of Marineland. His first book described his search and capture of the dragon lizards of Komodo, and his most recent volume, LOOK TO THE WILDERNESS, received an appreciative reading in 1960.

  • Siwashing on the Kenai

    A lover of wilderness since boyhood, a hunter who has tested his endurance in the far reaches of Alaska, Mongolia, and Indochina, and a conservationist long identified with the American Museum of Natural History, W. DOUGLAS BURDEN has set down his adventures and reminiscences in his book LOOK TO THE WILDERNESS, which is to be published this month under the Atlantic-Little, Brown imprint.

  • The Still Hunter

    Naturalist and hunter, movie producer and businessman, W . DOUGLAS BURDEN, who makes his home in Vermont, has had from an early age ‟a strong taste for the wild places of the world and an equally strong distaste for crowds and pavements.738221; He is the founder of Marineland and a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History. From his expedition to the Island of Komodo in the Dutch East Indies, he returned with live specimens of dragon lizards and material for his book, Dragon Lizard of Komodo. He is a conservationist in the best sense, and in his hunting and observation of wild life he has well remembered the lessons taught him when very young by Archie Miller, the great Indian hunter of Quebec.