Valentine Lawford

  • The Englishman Who Foresaw the War

    As Hitler’s shadow loomed over Europe from 1934 to 1938, there was a man in the British Foreign Office, Ralph Wigram, who was deeply versed in the German character and downright in his distrust of everything the Nazis stood for. This is how Wigram appeared to his perceptive junior, VALENTINE LAWFORD, whose memoirs,BOUND FOR DIPLOMACY,appear this month.

  • Inside the Foreign Office the Foreign Office

    VALENTINE LAWFORD entered the diplomatic service in 1934 and was successively assistant private secretary to Lord Halifax, Sir Anthony Eden, and the late Mr. Ernest Bevin. He attended the Moscow, Quebec, and Yalta conferences and was appointed to the United kingdom delegation to the United Nations in 1946. He left the service in 1950 and now lives in the United States.