Sidney C. Hayward

  • My Turn to Guide

    Lover of the woods, fly-fisherman, and conservationist, SIDNEY C. HAYWARDis Secretary of Dartmouth College. With his friend Paul Sample, the artist, he has fished for salmon in the Canadian rivers and in Iceland. Last summer he undertook the management of a new camp in Newfoundland, and here, for the first time in his career, he assumed the duties of a professional guide. It was quite a different point of view.

  • The Salmon of Newfoundland

    SIDNEY C. HAYWARD is Secretary of Dartmouth College and in his vacations a dry-fly fisherman of boundless ambition. For years he and his friend Paul Sample, the artist, had looked forward to the prospect of fishing the salmon rivers of Newfoundland. Last summer they made the trip by plane and cabin cruiser, and while the seafaring was often rough and the insects plentiful, so were the grilse, the sea trout, and the fresh-run salmon.