Ralph J. Gleason

  • A Jazz Discography

    Editor’s Note: The current revival of interest in jazz, America’s one indisputably original contribution to world art, would have delighted no one more than the late Ralph J. Gleason, as ardent an enthusiast and as informed an explicator of the art as it has ever inspired. Gleason died suddenly last June, at the age of fifty-eight, soon after he had put the finishing touches to his book Celebrating the Duke & Louis. Bessie. Billie, Bird, Carmen, Miles. Dizzy & Other Heroes (Atlantic-Little, Brown. $8.95), which has just been published. It includes a selected discography, keyed to the artists of the title, and we are printing it here as a service to Atlantic readers, longtime and first-time listeners alike, who are collecting jazz on records and would welcome the advice of a man who knew, better than most, what he was talking about.